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Plastic Building Letters Offer Great Quality At Low Prices

Originally Posted: July 1, 2015
By , Staff Writer

Building letters for businesses, building numbers for houses or names for schools are all great uses for plastic building sign letters. They are available in many sizes, fonts and colors to meet a variety of needs.

We often get three questions regarding plastic building sign letters. First, what size should I get? Second, what font should I get? And finally, are these going to last outside weathering the elements?

Formed Plastic Helvetica 24 inch

First, sizing has a general rule: every 3 inches of letter can be seen from 50 feet away. This can vary depending on speeds, obstructions and the audience, but it's a good starting point for deciding size.

Font style is always a personal preference. Our most popular font, by far, is Helvetica. It's an an easy to read block-style font that increases readability and visibility. If plain lettering doesn't strike your fancy, check out all our fonts in the Sign Designer, and you're sure to find something suitable.


Lastly, these letters come with a lifetime guarantee. They will withstand wind, rain and many other types of weather. Colors won't fade, and the sturdy CAB plastic is very durable.

Hardware is included in the cost of the letters, and we offer options for all kinds of surfaces. Studs and pads are the most common options, but if you have a special circumstance, call us. We can probably help you find a solution.

Know you're buying an American made letter that will last a lifetime.

Please contact us if you have any questions on building sign letters from Alphabet Signs.

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