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Portable Sign Letters

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Flex Change Sign Letters

Portable sign letters made by Flex Change® are typically used with the roadside portable marquee signs. They are printed on thin flexible sign letter 30 mil plastic and slide in into the sign track. Spell out any message with a dictionary of letters that flex in reader board grooved tracking.

Portable Sign Letters

Item: CFL-45B
$59.70 $49.75

Item: CFL-67C
$77.40 $64.50

Item: CFL-89S
$63.00 $52.50

Item: CFL-89C
$93.00 $77.50

Item: CFL-89B
$117.00 $97.50

Item: CFL-89W
$101.40 $84.50

Item: CFL-89R
$101.40 $84.50

Item: CFL-89BL
$101.40 $84.50

Item: CFL-89Y
$101.40 $84.50

Item: CFL-89P
$101.40 $84.50

Item: CFL-10B
$202.80 $169.00

Item: CFL-18B
$5.40 $4.50

The Portable Sign Letters belongs in the Business & Industrial > Signage > Sidewalk & Yard Signs category.

Includes an assorted variety of letters, numbers, and punctuation. Set provides more of the vowels and primary consonants than the lesser used alphabet. The letter fits into the grooved tracking, please double check your letter imprint, plastic height, and thickness. Individual letters are not sold separately, kits only. Add more or replace lost letters.