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Handicap Parking Stencils

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Handicapped Parking Stencils

Handicap parking stencils are especially suited for pavement marking, are state compliant, and get the best results from spray paint. Handicapped Parking Stencils are made in a variety of sizes and shapes so you can use them in any situation, whether it's for parking lot spaces, handicap stadium row assignments or aisles markers. The Handicap Parking Stencils are typically used by pavement marking and maintenance contractors because the professional grade thickness makes them durable and reusable.

Handicap Parking Stencils

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Helping the handicapped: How to create a handicap-accessible parking spot.

design for handicap parking space

When business owners are designing their location's parking lot, they should be sure to keep in mind their handicapped customers. The Americans with Disabilities Acts establishes a strict set of guidelines that must be followed by every business with a parking lot. Failure to comply with ADA regulations can result in fines. Luckily for business owners, the ADA specifications are rather straightforward.

Planning the location and number of handicap-accessible spots

ADA regulations require that a business owner have a certain number of handicapped parking spots. According to Adaptive Access, this number depends on how many parking spots a location offers. For small businesses with only 25 parking spots, only one accessible parking space is necessary. As the number of parking spots increases, though, so does the number of required accessible parking spots. At the maximum, for locations with more than 1,000 regular parking spaces, handicapped parking spaces must account for 20 spots, plus one for every extra hundred spots.

When deciding on the location of a handicap-accessible parking spot, there are a few rules that a business owner needs to observe. The accessible parking spots must be the closest parking spot to the store. At some businesses, the closest parking spot may not be suitable for an accessible parking spot. For example, the closest spot may be located on an extreme slope, or the ground may have large cracks in it. If this is the case, than the accessible spot needs to be as close as safely possible to the business' entrance.