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Enclosed Directory Letter Boards

10 Products Found

Indoor Enclosed Directory Letter Boards

Indoor Enclosed Directory Letter Boards are better than the competitors because our superior construction methods and materials result in a better cabinet that lasts longer and is easier to maintain. The letter board cabinet comes in different color and posts options and comes with a one year manufacturers guarantee. The cabinet casing holds the letter board in an extruded aluminum channel so the board is removable and replaceable. The display case corners are mitered and reinforced with locking brackets.

Enclosed Directory Letter Boards

Item: DL031124
$215.40 $179.50

Item: DL031125
$267.00 $222.50

Item: DL031126
$402.00 $335.00

Item: DL0311265
$390.00 $325.00

Item: DL031127
$492.00 $410.00

Item: DL031128
$701.40 $584.50

Item: DL0311285
$630.00 $525.00

Item: DL031129
$839.40 $699.50

Item: DL0311295
$786.00 $655.00

Item: DL031130
$1002.00 $835.00

Lighted Directory Letter Boards

Indoor Enclosed Lighted Letter Boards

This durable Indoor Lighted Enclosed Letter Board is internally illuminated so your messages can be easily viewed at night or dimly lit environments. The unit uses T8 Cool White Fluorescent bulbs which are widely available and easily replaced. A UL listed fixture illuminates this indoor lighted enclosed letter board from its top. The rapid start UL listed ballast is attached to the inside of the case and is covered by framing so it is not exposed to the viewing area. These Indoor Lighted Enclosed Letter Boards are made with an attractive satin anodized aluminum frame, shatter resistant acrylic windows and lockable doors. An optional header area is available.

11 Products Found

Lighted Directory Letter Boards

Item: DL041130
$393.00 $327.50

Item: DL041131
$438.00 $365.00

Item: DL0411315
$471.00 $392.50

Item: DL041132
$648.00 $540.00

Item: DL0411325
$594.00 $495.00

Item: DL041133
$738.00 $615.00

Item: DL041134
$1065.00 $887.50

Item: DL0411345
$1170.00 $975.00

Item: DL041135
$1302.00 $1,085.00

Item: DL0411355
$1185.00 $987.50

Item: DL041136
$1365.00 $1,137.50

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