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Metal Sidewalk Signs Hold Four Different Letter Sizes

Originally Posted: July 10, 2015
By , Staff Writer

Many sidewalk signs are made to hold just one size letter. This can sometimes be challenging for business owners or event planners because certain information needs to be emphasized. Our metal A-Frame Sidewalk Sign is the exception. It can hold 2 inch letters, 4 inch letters, 8 inch letters and 8 inch letters. Just skip a track, or two, or three, and you can make a message as unique as your business! This Photo Art Gallery in Spencerport, NY decided to emphasize their product line rather than their name. This is a great strategy unless you're a brand name.

Metal A Frame The sign letter kits include letters, numbers and punctuation. Just stand your sign up, and put your message into the tracks. This sign comes with a No. 10 silver chain, so you can sand bag the sign, if you have concerns about wind. The whole sign is plastic and metal, which means you don't have to worry about rain. Using red sign letters telephone numbers, prices or rates make them easier to recognize and remember. This Connecticut property management firm was able to get great roadside exposure with a simple message and telephone number.
a-frame-sidewalk-signUsing a different color will help draw attention. to your sign message. Use a different color to emphasize your unique business offer or competitive advantage. The Atomic Credit Union was able to create a simple message to emphasize their great rate and the benefit of what a customer can use the money for.
stop look A frame The sign letters are available in black, blue and red. All of these products are ready to ship the next day. This business services company created a memorable message by keeping it simple and emphasizing a great price.
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