Pedestal Mount Marquee Sign 60W x 48H

We provide detailed Schematic Drawings of your sign cabinet, footings and wind load capacity of your sign. The drawings, anchor rods, and mounting template are shipped in advance so you can prepare the foundation while the sign arrives.

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Size: 60.5W x 48.5H x 10.75D
Ship Weight: 450.00 pounds
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Product Description

Guaranteed, simply put

Your sign is being produced by the largest institutional sign manufacture in America. They have specialized in the school and church sign market since 1965. They have manufactured over 20,000 school and church signs which is more than any one else in the industry. Your sign is the best value product built, and we stand behind them. In the unlikely event we have not performed to your expectations, our commitment is to resolve any issues in a timely and equitable manner. It's really that simple.

Built to withstand hurricane force winds

Your sign cabinet and frame structure are built to withstand hurricane force winds up to 120-B miles per hour, (B face exposure indicates the rotational side of the hurricane.) Certified welders, who are experts at their craft, ensure structural stability without sacrificing visual appeal. The certified welders use specialized jigs for consistent, sound and aesthetically pleasing weld points. Each weld points is sandblasted to minimize contaminants.

The cabinet's a strong steel support is wrapped with extruded ASTM 5052-H38 sign grade aluminum alloy by Alcoa. This is a superior metal for signage because of its strength, hardness and corrosion resistance against weather extremes particularly in marine areas. Cowling, which is a painted aluminum skirt, covers between the two structural poles below the sign cabinet. Your marquee sign cabinet measures 60.5W x 48.5H x 10.75D and sits on a 30W x 40H pedestal and is double sided.

Quality graphics

marquee vinyl graphics

The image of your organization is very important so you'll work with in-house designers with over 20 years experience. We can provide your marquee header in a variety of type styles or include your custom logo. Once your design is approved, the sign graphics are computer cut to assure exact graphic duplication with razor sharp resolution. By applying high performance 3M vinyl to the inside of the faces, which offers added protection, we ensure long lasting, even color distribution throughout the years. 3M vinyl graphics provides your organization with crisp, saturated colors that won't fade

Graffiti resistant paint

graffiti resistant

PPG Industrial Graffiti Resistant paints are applied by certified staff painters who are well trained to make your sign cabinet pop. The entire structure and cabinet is cleansed with an acid wash, then a detergent, and followed by a water rinse. Each cabinet part and structural member are primed and painted prior to assembly. This allows four distinct layers of corrosion protection so your sign won't rot from within. Certified painters apply the finish color which is thermally cured at 180°F. The cabinet is painted with a graffiti resistant, industrial coating that not only is chip and impact resistant but ensures color and gloss retention for years. Graffiti is removable.

Virtually unbreakable, vandal resistant signs

planked faces

The sign faces are made of Makrolon SL, Sheffield Plastics premier grade, virtually unbreakable polycarbonate, with UV Solar Guard that will not yellow. This sign face is available in several options: all identification, all message or extended message. The message area has a formed planked face which adds rigidity to keep the face from sagging. The planking also allows any dirt or sediment from building up in the letter tracks and staining. The letter track in perfectly spaced for easy message changing. The track is riveted in place which hold stronger than glue and in combination with the planking allow for easy cleaning.

The cabinet is internally illuminated with high output fluorescent bulbs with rapid start ballasts. The cabinet is designed to allow even dispersion of light so there are no hot spots. The bulbs are standard lengths so it's easy to find replacements from a local building supply center. An optional disconnect switch can be included at the base when servicing sign. This sign is UL approved.

Marquee letters come with life time guarantee

vandal doors

Your signs marquee area can be tracked for 4 inch marquee letters, 6 or 8 inch changeable letters. A kit of 300 ADM Gemini sign letters is included. The letters are made of a clear acrylic blank that is precision injection molded (other brands are just saw cut and have rough edges) and are a rigid .080 inch thick. Your sign letters are screen printed with ecologically sound UV cured inks. A raised edge along its sides prevents the letter from laying flat against the sign marquee and getting scratches on the printed letter. Feet on the base of the letter panel make it easier to slide the letters and keep it from being frozen to the track in the winter.

Vandal doors to make your sign tamper proof


An optional vandal cover has an extruded aluminum frame that holds a durable, 1/8 inch shatter-resistant, clear window so messages can be seen but not touched. The window is made from non-yellowing SGC 100 Lexan. The lockable vandal cover is hinged along its top and has mechanical prop arms that hold in place while changing the marquee message. The vandal doors lock in place with a three point keyed system. The zinc coated mechanical props, with no seals to dry out, support the vandal cover open to 90°, With a simple secondary lift to the cover the props release for safe closure. Props are recessed into the formed face and are not visible from the front viewing angle.

Shipped ready for installation by non-professional installers

We make the highest quality signs that are shipped ready for installation by non-professional installers. We provide detailed Schematic Drawings of your sign cabinet, footings and wind load capacity of your sign. The drawings, anchor rods, and mounting template are shipped in advance so you can prepare the foundation while the sign arrives. Simply bolt sign to foundation once it arrives.

Updated: 2017-07-24

Product Shipping Policy

This item is too large to ship as a parcel, it must go by freight truck. We shop a network of trucking companies to get you the lowest freight rate and best value. Freight rate is provided at checkout.

Your product is being shipped by the freight truck company FOB:Origin. They will deliver the package to the end of their truck. You are responsible for unloading it off the truck and it may take several men or a lift. Please let us know if you need assistance and the trucking company can provide a lift gate for an additional cost.

Ownership of the sign passes to you the customer when the trucking company picks up the product at the factory doors. Although well packaged, 2% of the signs arrive with some damage. The trucking company is financially responsible for any damages to your shipment.

Please check for damage and note it on the delivery ticket before signing for delivery. Any claims for freight damage must be made against the trucking company. Please notify the person who will accept delivery of the following procedures or any freight claim may not be paid.

  • Count all boxes and confirm that it matches the number indicated on the bill of lading.
  • Inspect the outside of every box for signs of damage.
  • Holes, crushed corners, wrinkles, black rub marks, broken pallets, and rattling boxes are signs of possible damage.
  • Some packages include a Tip-N-Tell, a blue dye indicator if the package has been tipped over.
  • Open suspected boxes, examine the product inside for damage.
  • If there is damage, note it on the bill of lading in detail.
  • Call Alphabet Signs at 1-800-582-6366 to report damage immediately (before the driver leaves.)

The trucking company needs clear access during normal business hours to deliver your sign. Limited access to your property can be caused if the trucking company is delivering to a residence, apartment, school, college, restaurant, bar, grille, bank, shopping mall, day care, church, rectory, military base, construction site, social club, country club, golf course, camp, estate, security gates, jail, prison, farm, orchard or fairs. Limited access charges are the responsibility of you the customer payable to the freight company. If you are unable to unload the package, the truck will return to the hub and there will be a redelivery fee.

Please call us at 1-800-582-6366 if you have any questions or concerns about these procedures.

Product Return Policy

This is a custom made item so it is non-returnable.

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