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Letter Changer Pole Standard Cup - 24 ft

Letter changer pole with suction cup extends from 8 ft to 24 ft and allows you to change sign letters with a standard size suction cup that are high up on an aerial marquee from the safety of the ground. It is quicker and easier than carrying or storing a heavy ladder.

Item: CAL-CA24
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Usually ships 2 work days.
Size: 288"
Ship Weight: 10.00 pounds

Product Description

Letter changer pole

The letter changer pole extends from 8' to 24' and allows you to change sign letters that are high up on an aerial marquee from the safety of the ground. It is quicker and easier than carrying or storing a heavy ladder. The mechanical changer pole telescopes mechanically and has a standard size 3-1/4 inch suction cup that can be used on all flat rigid sign letters. The suction cup head adjusts at an angle which permits fast easy handling of each letter from the safety of the ground.

This letter change arm is not for the thin .030 flex change sign letters.

How to place marquee letters

Press the letter onto the suction cup, making sure the wire on the cup is off to right or left of the letter. If the letter will not stick, wet the cup and try again. Turn the eyebolt holding wire if the wire is too tight or lifting the edge of the suction cup. Raise the pole, with the letter attached, to the sign. Please use caution near overhead power lines, and do not touch the pole to any power lines or wires. Slide the letter under the lower lip of the top track, and drop down until the letter is resting in the bottom track. Lastly, gently twist the pole away from the wire to release the cup. You could optionally tie a string to the suction cup eyelet to pull on to release letter (string not provided).

How to remove marquee letters

Carefully raise pole to sign, and press the cup onto the letter that you wish to remove. If the letter will not stick, bring the pole down and wet the suction cup. When the cup sticks to the letter, raise the letter into the top track, and pull forward until you clear the bottom track. Lower the letter to the ground, and remove by pulling any eyelet on the suction cup.

Updated: 2017-05-30

Product Shipping Policy

This item ships UPS Ground to the continental US and normally takes 2-4 business days to arrive. UPS is one of the largest shipment and logistics companies in the world. UPS delivers more than 15 million packages a day to more than 6.1 million customers with exceptional real time tracking and notifications.

dimensional weight

UPS offers the best value for medium size packages. UPS has been moving towards a dimensional weight pricing model where the shipping charges are calculated on the package weight, package dimensions and area delivered. The UPS shipping cost is calculated at check-out and adds to the cost of the order.

Shipping to AK and HI needs to be quoted and we will email you an invoice for the total cost before the order is processed. We are not set up for international shipments. We do not ship COD or bill to third parties.

All claims for damage must be made within 3 business days.

Product Return Policy

This item is returnable under the following conditions:

  • A Return Authorization Number is placed on the outside of the package.
  • Return to the shipper within 30 days of receipt of the package.
  • Return in original container and in salable condition, must not have been used.
  • No restocking fee is charged
  • Shipping fees are non-refundable.

Please call Alphabet Signs at 1-800-582-6366 for Return Authorization Number so we can properly refund your money.

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