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1/2 inch Helvetica Single Tab Letters

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Product Description

Single tab universal sign letters

The sign letter has a single tab along its top of the character - not a tab on the top and bottom. The single tab allows it to work universally on any grooved menu board or directory board. Most letter boards are made to the industry standard of 1/4" groove but some letter boards are grooved every 9/32" or in metric.

These are not precision molded letters - there is a lot of production variance in its size, stroke and style. Some characters are off-white, slightly off size, and have webbing still stuck on its sides from when it got pulled from its mold during production. These are economy quality letters but they work.

Used with any standard grooved changeable letter board, each character has molded tab to grip the letter board surface. Characters are individually sorted in a compartment tray with a sturdy cardboard box.

Sign letter kit

The single tab 1/2 inch HELVETICA STYLE character kit includes an assorted variety of letters, numbers, and punctuation that satisfies most message requirements. The 340 piece kit contains 20ea- E period, 16ea- A 5, 12ea- N R S T U star, 10ea- I P cent 1, 8ea- L O dash comma, 6ea- B C D F G H M & $ 2 3 4 6 7 8 9 zero, 4ea- J K euro, 2ea- R Q V W X Y Z slash arrow pointer.

Helvetica plastic sign letters

Helvetica is a sans-serif block style letter. The plastic molds have changed slightly over the years. For indoor or outdoor use.

Updated: Jul 22, 2014