Zip Change Halftone Letters

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Zip Change Halftone marquee sign letters

The Wagner Zip-Change Halftone letter style is a prismatic version of the popular Solid style letter. It has the same width and stroke but by adding a graphical dot pattern it has the appearance of a beveled letter. The Zip Change Halftone letters & numbers are bold, easy to read letter style with a 3:4 width ratio. It is a block style letter and the characters have rounded strokes. The letter style has more space around each character making it easier to read. Letters slide together for perfect spacing every time.

Zip Change Halftone sign letter font
Zip Change Halftone Letters

Item: CZL-4H
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Item: CZL-8H
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Item: CZL-10H
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Item: CZL-12H
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