Trucks Entering Highway Roll Up Construction Sign

Trucks Entering Highway Roll Up Temporary Signs may be used to alert road users in advance of locations where unexpected truck entries into the roadway might occur.

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Product Description

Used by professionals

We manufacture the highest quality roll up construction traffic signs made to the FHA guidelines (Federal Highway Administration) for traffic control devices. These RUW15-1 Trucks Entering Highway Signs are professional sign grade mesh fabric, finished for long lasting performance and designed for easy detection, recognition, and legibility.

Easy mounting

The roll up signs offer the quality of permanent aluminum signs with the convenience and portability needed in temporary conditions. The roll up sign includes fiberglass ribs for easy assembly. The ribs slide into the sleeves along the roll up sign's edges and a fiberglass crossbar that slips into the four corner pockets. The corner pockets are made from clear vinyl. The corner pockets have tabs that attach to an auto latch sign stand.

Reflective background - three options

The Non-Reflective mesh roll up is made from a 3M Series RS30 flexible vinyl. A weaved mesh roll up is breathable so it allows the wind to blow through it instead of blowing the roll up sign over. It is also washable and mildew resistant. The fluorescent orange colored mesh roll up sign is ideal for emergency situations and short term work zones typically found in utility or construction zones. The roll up mesh sign has nylon stitching sewn around its edges to make it tear resistant from high winds. The non-reflective mesh roll up sign is for daytime use only as it does not reflect headlights from oncoming traffic at night.

The 3M High Intensity Reflective is made from 3M Series 3930 and exceeds specification ASTM D 4956-04. The strong flexible mesh roll up is sheeted with 3M High Intensity reflective material which consists of tiny micro-prisms formed on a flexible, glossy UV film. The microprisms offer higher nighttime brightness than the conventional glass bead reflective sheeting. It has a tougher topcoat that aids against scuffs and scratches. The vivid daytime colors provide 24 hour performance and the improved optical package increases nighttime visibility. The reflective sheeting has 10 year durability.

The 3M Diamond Grade Reflective is made from 3M Series 4000 and exceeds specification ASTM Type XI proposed. The 3M Diamond Grade sheeting offers all the advantages as the 3M High Intensity roll ups plus has wider angled prismatic lenses designed for brighter and earlier recognition in compromised conditions like rainy nights. It delivers optimal performance at all sight distances, as well as all light and weather conditions. It overcomes declining illumination from newer headlights, provides the level of luminescence needed by older drivers, and accommodates drivers of larger vehicles. The reflective sheeting has 12 year durability.

Long lasting

The stroke and spacing of the letter style for these RUW15-1 Trucks Entering Highway Sign are also designed and field-tested for maximum readability and conform to the design requirements of the Federal Highway Administrations Manual on Uniform Traffic Control Devices.

This product conforms to USDOT FHA standard specifications for construction of roads and bridges on federal highway projects, 1985 FP-85, Type II, Section 718.01. The reflective sheeting is chemical resistant and can withstand temperatures up to 160°F.

Larger size is more readable

We offer signs in two optional sizes. The size of the sign required is a function of speed and viewing distance. The faster a motorist is traveling, the further the distance they will need to see the sign. A larger sign can be read from a further distance. The MUTCD has correlated sign sizes by the type of road a motorist travels, like Standard and Expressway.

Manufacturer guarantee

This item comes with a limited manufacturer's guarantee on the reflective sheeting. Product life listed above is for normal use.

This item is Made in America which reduces transportation costs, supply time and its environmental impact and keeps American jobs.

Updated: 2017-07-24

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This is a custom made item so it is non-returnable.

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