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Trajan Bold Prismatic Cast Metal Sign Letter

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Trajan Bold Prismatic cast metal sign letters provide a quality, permanent image for outdoor signage of business names or address numbers. The bronze or aluminum metal wall letters can be custom made in different sizes and finishes. Trajan Bold Prismatic is based on the letter style used for the inscription at the base of Trajan's Column, a famous landmark in Rome. Trajan Bold Trajan is an elegant typeface well-suited for display signage. Trajan Bold Prismatic has a peaked, beveled profile, not flat face, which provides added depth and can be viewed from a wider angle.

Trajan Bold Prismatic Cast Metal Sign Letter
Product NameUpper Case
Lower Case
DepthUpper Case
Price Includes Mounting Hardware. Lifetime Guarantee!

4" NA" 4" 5/8" $37.00

6" NA" 6.875" 3/4" $54.00

8" NA" 8.5" 3/4" $57.00

10" NA" 10" 1" $75.00

12" NA" 12" 1" $85.00

15" NA" 15" 1-1/4" $143.00

18" NA" 18" 1-1/2" $179.00

The Trajan Bold Prismatic Cast Metal Sign Letter belongs in the Business & Industrial > Signage > Facility Identification Signs category.