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Theater Marquee Sign Letters

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Theater Sign Letters

Theater marquee sign letters are made from formed plastic to offer a dimensional changeable letter popular in the old movie marquees signs. These Snap Lok movie marquee sign letters have metal hooks on the top half of the letter and clips on the bottom half to secure to Gemini Snap Lok track. The Wagner Slotted B theater marquee letters offer a flatter face and sharper edge than the Snap Lok brand. This product, which is again gaining popularity as decoration for home theaters, has been completely retooled for superior installation on Gemini Slotted track.

Theater Marquee Sign Letters

Item: CSL-B-6
$8.40 $7.00

Item: CSL-B-8
$10.20 $8.50

Item: CSL-B-10
$12.72 $10.60

Item: CSL-4
$11.28 $9.40

Item: CSL-45
$10.56 $8.80

Item: CSL-5
$13.20 $11.00

Item: CSL-6
$14.64 $12.20

Item: CSL-8
$18.00 $15.00

Item: CSL-10
$20.40 $17.00

Item: CSL-12
$28.20 $23.50

Item: CSL-17
$42.00 $35.00

Item: CSL-24
$73.56 $61.30

Item: CSL-31
$123.48 $102.90

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