Standard Vinyl Stickers

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Alphabet Signs provides fast turnaround, expert service and great prices on vinyl letter and numbers typically used on walls. Custom cut vinyl lettering is used for business signs, boat lettering, car lettering, and home decor wall lettering. We have a variety of letter styles, colors and sizes.

Standard Vinyl Stickers

Item: VL01-01
$1.67 $1.39

Item: VL01-02
$1.04 $0.87

Item: VL01-03
$1.14 $0.95

Item: VL01-04
$1.38 $1.15

Item: VL01-05
$1.79 $1.49

Item: VL01-06
$2.22 $1.85

Item: VL01-07
$2.75 $2.29

Item: VL01-08
$3.26 $2.72

Item: VL01-09
$3.86 $3.22

Item: VL01-10
$4.46 $3.72

Item: VL01-11
$5.10 $4.25

Item: VL01-12
$5.74 $4.78

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standardvinyl sign letters

Standard self-adhesive vinyl letters and numbers are precision cut on a computer driven plotter. The standard vinyl is thicker which makes it easier to handle when applying and more resistant to abrasion. Typically used for window lettering, home decor lettering, signs and banners. Available in 21 colors listed below. Custom cut vinyl letters come pre-spaced on a wax liner. Just peel and paste to apply. A squeegee applicator included with order. Letters and numbers are guaranteed against peeling or fading for 8 years. Standard vinyls are relatively inexpensive because of greater production yields. When standard vinyl is exposed to heat the film will have a tendency to shrink or pull back towards its original form.