Portable Sign A-8

The A-8 portable arrow sign measures 96W x 40H x 10-1/2D cabinet and includes an adjustable stand made from 2 x 2 steel tube.

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Size: 96W x 40H
Ship Weight: 200.00 pounds

Product Description

Why our portable signs are better

The A-8 portable arrow sign measures 96W x 40H x 10-1/2D cabinet and includes an adjustable stand made from 2 x 2 steel tube. The A-8 has a large tapered arrow that optionally has 60 Watt incandescent bulbs that flash sequentially from bar to tip.

Cabinet welded steel frame

These portable signs are fabricated with a double line structural steel frame. The steel frames are made of 1 inch x 1 inch x 1/8 inch angle steel and welded together with plates to form the box. This is superior compared to a sign box with just angle brackets in the corners, which are prone to rack. The sign cabinet is covered with 24 gauge paint-grip sheet steel and painted with our best acrylic enamel in your choice of three colors. The inside is also painted to prevent your sign from rusting from the inside out.

Mounting options

The cabinet comes standard with an adjustable leg and crossbar assembly that is made from 2 inch x 2 inch structural steel. The assembly includes two 60 inch crossbars, four 24 inch adjustable legs and fasteners to lock legs in place. The adjustable stands allow you to set-up and relocate the sign. (The leg assembly is not included if you are optionally mounting sign on a wall or between posts.)

We can fabricate the cabinet so you can mount it between two 4" x 6" pressure treated lumber posts. A removable end cap is included so you can slide out the faces from the side panel to service the sign. Each corner's angle brackets are pre drilled so you can attach your fasteners.

The cabinet can be attached to a wall. We need to make the sign single side by adding an aluminum face to its back. We also include the removable end cap so you can service the sign.

Sta-Tuf fiberglass faces

The double-sided sign has faces that are made from high-impact Corrugated Glass-Steel fiberglass. The Glass-Steel faces are available in white or yellow and are tracked for 4 lines of copy on each side. Letters slide into the double edge high impact tracking. The portable sign is optionally illuminated with high output fluorescent lamps powered by a quick start low temperature ballast. A ground fault circuit interrupt (GFI) is standard, these signs are not UL listed.

Extra letters included

Includes 300- 8 inch changeable alphabet letters to create four lines of message copy on each side. Our set provides more of the vowels and primary consonants than the lesser used alphabet. The 300 piece kit approximately contains 14ea- A E I N O R S T 6, 7ea- 0 5, 6ea- B C D F G H J K L M P Q U W period exclamation colon, 4ea- V X Y Z 1 2 3 4 7 8 dollar dash, and 2ea- percent star cent slash period. The letters are black and the numbers are red. Due to production variance we can only provide an approximate list but an exact letter list is included with each kit.

Our competitors only provide a 150 piece kit. (Think about that, there are 26 letters and 10 numbers and punctuation so on average you only get less than 4 characters each for a double sided sign!)

Large sign

Many customers prefer these signs because the large size gets potential customers' attention compared to the smaller sidewalk sign or sandwich board sign. These larger portable arrow signs command attention and can be seen from a further distance.

Green Policy

Product life impacts the environment more than any other factor. This product is known for its reliability over competitor's products. This item is Made in America which reduces transportation costs, supply time and its environmental impact. Signs are recyclable and use recycled materials.

Manufacturer guarantee

Signs come with a one year manufacturers warranty on the flasher and two year warranty on the ballast.

Updated: 2017-07-21

Product Shipping Policy

This item is too large to ship as a parcel, it must go by freight truck. We shop a network of trucking companies to get you the lowest freight rate and best value. Freight rate is provided at checkout.

Your product is being shipped by the freight truck company FOB:Origin. They will deliver the package to the end of their truck. You are responsible for unloading it off the truck and it may take several men or a lift. Please let us know if you need assistance and the trucking company can provide a lift gate for an additional cost.

Ownership of the sign passes to you the customer when the trucking company picks up the product at the factory doors. Although well packaged, 2% of the signs arrive with some damage. The trucking company is financially responsible for any damages to your shipment.

Please check for damage and note it on the delivery ticket before signing for delivery. Any claims for freight damage must be made against the trucking company. Please notify the person who will accept delivery of the following procedures or any freight claim may not be paid.

  • Count all boxes and confirm that it matches the number indicated on the bill of lading.
  • Inspect the outside of every box for signs of damage.
  • Holes, crushed corners, wrinkles, black rub marks, broken pallets, and rattling boxes are signs of possible damage.
  • Some packages include a Tip-N-Tell, a blue dye indicator if the package has been tipped over.
  • Open suspected boxes, examine the product inside for damage.
  • If there is damage, note it on the bill of lading in detail.
  • Call Alphabet Signs at 1-800-582-6366 to report damage immediately (before the driver leaves.)

The trucking company needs clear access during normal business hours to deliver your sign. Limited access to your property can be caused if the trucking company is delivering to a residence, apartment, school, college, restaurant, bar, grille, bank, shopping mall, day care, church, rectory, military base, construction site, social club, country club, golf course, camp, estate, security gates, jail, prison, farm, orchard or fairs. Limited access charges are the responsibility of you the customer payable to the freight company. If you are unable to unload the package, the truck will return to the hub and there will be a redelivery fee.

Please call us at 1-800-582-6366 if you have any questions or concerns about these procedures.

Product Return Policy

This is a custom made item so it is non-returnable.

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