Interlocking Number Stencils

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Interlocking Number Stencils

Interlocking number stencil kits are made from plastic and used for curb numbers, mark parking space assignment, building numbers, and containers. The plastic number pieces interlock like a jigsaw so no rails are necessary to hold the digits together. The interlocking system allows for pre spacing of the numbers. Our plastic number stencils are better than the competitors because material has a specific resin, produced at exact specifications, so it is virtually waveless and has a very smooth surface. These properties make the pavement number stencils lay flatter, helps prevent under-spray and cleans up easily.

Interlocking Number Stencils

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How to use interlocking pavement stencils.

interlocking number stencils

The first thing you should notice when you have received your interlocking stencils is how quickly it was delivered. Most orders ship within one business day and we email you the tracking number so you can anticipate the delivery. Carefully unpack the carton and make sure all the contents are included. Contact us if you are missing any items. The number kit contains two of each digit 0 - 9 and two end pieces. As you are inspecting the contents please notice that one face of the stencil has a shiny finish and the other face has a matte finish. The shiny face goes up.

So make sure to have the shiny side up and the flange on the right. The inset should hook and overlap the flange. The baseline will now be aligned correctly. We sometimes describe the interlocking design works like a 'jigsaw puzzle.' Jigsaw is not the best word, hook and overlap would better describe the process. Here is a picture of the wrong way to assemble the interlocking stencil.