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The Flags belongs in the Business & Industrial > Signage > Open & Closed Signs category.

Message Flags

These message flags are constructed of heavy all weather 200 denier nylon material with durable lock stitch construction. The message flag has three panels, red white and blue. The message is boldly printed horizontally with black ink center white panel. Message appears in reverse on its backside. The message flag has a heavy canvas header with brass grommets so your flag can easily be displayed with any standard flag pole (not included.) The fly ends, where the flag takes the most wear, are reinforced with four rows of stitching to ensure your flag will be flying high for months to come. Plastic zip ties are included for quick installation.


Pennants are triangular shaped flags that are sewn along a string and attract attention because they flap in the wind. They are available in a wide range of colors and sizes and brings excitement to your location or event. Standard size is 105 feet string with 48- 12" x 18" Jumbo Poly Pennants.