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Acrylic Sign Letters

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Make your business name stand out by mounting flat cut acrylic plastic letters on your building or lobby wall. The acrylic cut out lettering is used for signage and is available in four thicknesses up to 1/2 inch and 30 colors that are pigmented solid through and through. Each individually laser cut out acrylic plastic lettering comes complete with mounting hardware and installs in minutes.

Acrylic Sign Letters

Item: BL40102
$4.56 $3.80

Item: BL40103
$4.92 $4.10

Item: BL40104
$5.28 $4.40

Item: BL40105
$5.88 $4.90

Item: BL40106
$6.48 $5.40

Item: BL40107
$7.56 $6.30

Item: BL40108
$8.76 $7.30

Item: BL40109
$10.44 $8.70

Item: BL40110
$12.60 $10.50

Item: BL40111
$14.16 $11.80

Item: BL40112
$16.08 $13.40

Item: BL40113
$18.00 $15.00

Item: BL40114
$20.04 $16.70

Item: BL40115
$22.08 $18.40

Item: BL40116
$24.12 $20.10

Item: BL40117
$26.16 $21.80

Item: BL40118
$28.32 $23.60

Item: BL40119
$30.72 $25.60

Item: BL40120
$34.20 $28.50

Item: BL40121
$37.68 $31.40

Item: BL40122
$40.80 $34.00

Item: BL40123
$44.28 $36.90

Item: BL40124
$47.64 $39.70

The Acrylic Sign Letters belongs in the Business & Industrial > Signage > Facility Identification Signs category.

Acrylic Sign Letters

The acrylic is a high density polyethylene, HDPE, which offers better rigidity and tensile strength. It offers high resistance to chemical sand corrosion, combined with UV inhibitors that help prevent colors from fading. Custom designed high speed 1000W precisely cut the letters and the lasers polish the edge returns of all letters as it cuts through the material providing a superior finish.

Online Sign Designer

The online sign designer is for font style preview only. We provide the approximate sign dimensions for comparison purposes only. We have taken great care in providing the closest sign dimensions possible. Due to manufacturing processes beyond our control (temperature, pressure, mold locations) we cannot guarantee an exact line length. As a rule of thumb, allow 15% margin for space around the letters. This makes your sign more effective as well. Please call for exact dimensions.

Lifetime guarantee

Sign letters are guaranteed from fading, breaking or containing any defect for life as long as the letters are installed in their original location.