3.25 inch Metal Church Letter Kit

3.25 inch Metal Church Letter & Number Kit have a lip along its top and hang from the message board rail and can be seen from 15 feet.

Item: TAX-32
Usually ships 4 work days.
Size: 3.25 inch
Ship Weight: 5.00 pounds
Minimum order of $110.36
$1.24 Per Letter

Product Description

Thin aluminum sign letters

The 3.25 inch letter kit contains block style characters and is printed on aluminum background. Traditional letters have a lip along its top and hang from the message board rail. The kit contains letters, numbers and punctuation. It is an assorted variety giving you more of the vowels and primary consonants than the lesser used alphabet.

Sign letter kits

The 89 kit contains 4ea- A E I S, 3ea- C D H M N R T W, 2ea- B F G L O P U V Y 1 3 8 period, and 1ea- J K Q X Z 2 4 5 6 7 9 comma colon semi-colon apostrophe ampersand dash question ! "L R".

The 178 kits contains 8ea- A E I S, 6ea- C D H M N R T W, 4ea- B F G L O P U V Y 1 3 8 period, 2ea- J K Q X Z 2 4 5 6 7 9 comma colon semi-colon apostrophe ampersand dash question ! "L R".


Available in two colors white or black. Letters are priced individually but only sold in kits.

Updated: 2017-07-23

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Product Reviews

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based on 24 reviews
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verified shopper
The bend at the top was smaller
 By  from MD, United States
"The bend at the top was smaller than the one we use currently but I was able to get it to work. Good quality and easy to read the letters."

verified shopper
not enough copies of numbers
 By  from Embden, Maine
"There must be someway to order the numbers individually. We are a church and use the numbers to display our hymns on our hymnboard. We went with this kind of letter/number system because the church ordered a set many, many years ago. However, over time many letters & numbers have been lost. Even so, between the old set and the new set, we do not have enough numbers to display 3 hymn numbers if they all happen to end in 9 for example. Please find a way that we can order a few more numbers individually!!!"

verified shopper
Yes - I would buy this product again!
 By  from Eau Claire, WI
"These letters are exactly what we needed!"

verified shopper
A very easy product to use
 By  from Bridgewater VT
"Our church sign looks new and very readable from the street."

verified shopper
Wonderful new church sign letters
 By  from Bainbridge NY
"The new letters are so much cleaner and clearer that when we use them in combination with our old steel ones, the steel ones look quite shabby. Font and size are a perfect match!"

verified shopper
Exactly What Was Expected
 By  from Long Island
"For a few years we've been modifying an old letter set with surgical tape! This is exactly what was needed."

verified shopper
I was not happy with re-ordering
 By  from Fairport Harbor, Ohio
"We use this for our senior center sign - since there are a lot of dates involved I dont believe the kit contains enough numbers and the fact that you cant order them individually is a turn off and will send people shopping elsewhere"

verified shopper
I would purchase again but not as a set
 By  from Fairport Harbor Ohio 44077
"We are using this to post our events at our Senior Center - The only complaint I have is that there are not enough numbers and most events always have dates and times so you should have orders that can go through for just sets of numbers so you dont get a lot of extra letters like x and q and z that you dont really need by ordering another whole set"

verified shopper
I would buy this product again
 By  from Gettysburg, PA
"The old set was so old and we didn't have enough letters and numbers for our church sign board. Now it looks clean and new."

verified shopper
White Letters Again!
 By  from Du Quoin, IL
"These letters were perfect. We have a church sign that is probably over 40 years old but still in great shape, and I was using letters yellowed with time. I feel like we have a brand new sign again!"

verified shopper
Sign letters
 By  from Ellsworth, KS
"This product is high quality and meets the standards I was expecting. They match perfectly the old lettering I'm using, and I appreciate the Alphabet Sign company, as they were they only company I found who offered this type of sign lettering, since it is "old school". Thanks for the quality and availability!"

verified shopper
Just what we needed.
 By  from Corydon, KY
"I had looked all over the internet for just the right size and material I needed to match our old marquee letters. Thank goodness for Alphabet Signs, they had just what I needed."

verified shopper
Nice letters
 By  from Pittsburgh, PA
"More flexibility in ordering letters individually. We had to buy extra kits in order to have enough of certain letters as our sign wording used up all of them. That was costly and we now have many extra letters that we probably will not have a need for."

verified shopper
Very happy Sign Changer
 By  from Wheatfield, NY
"My husband and I gifted these extra letters to our Church. We had been looking for letters like this for some time, and were delighted to come across your company. They are exactly what I needed size wise, color etc."

verified shopper
nice quality letters
 By  from kinde, michigan
"we use them for our church sign and they are very visible and neat"

verified shopper
Great Fit!
 By  from Glendive Montana
"These were a perfect match for our 30 year old church sign."

verified shopper
Extremely Happy!
 By  from Johnsburg, NY
"These letters do not tend to rust like the older larger letters we had in the past. We are now using all one size letter which do not take up so much room in our smaller sign. This helps us get all the necessary info on our sign."

verified shopper
 By  from Saint Robert, MO
"The signs are the perfect size for our board and the letters are easy to find with the container it camee in. The only concern is that there is not the option to order extra quantities of certain letters or numbers by themselves."

verified shopper
There are not enough "W"s in the kit.
 By  from New Jersey
"There are not enough "W"s in the kit. The "W"s are needed for a web site address."

verified shopper
Great service
 By  from Greencastle PA
"Our metal sign letters were old and rusty. It's great to be able to replace them with the same product even though ours were very old."

verified shopper
Good quality and fast delivery
 By  from Toledo area, Ohio
"Our church didn't know where to get new letters. I found this company online and they had exactly what we needed. We bought 2 different size letter sets."

verified shopper
No frills, it is want I expected.
 By  from Jamestown, ND
"I used this produce to replace missing old and fade letters for a exterior sign. The letters matche the previous both in size and form. They easily complimented. These letters were aluminum, previous letters were steel. I was concerned but found little difference in the letters."

verified shopper
They were just what we needed fo
 By  from MN, United States
"They were just what we needed for out church sign!"

verified shopper
 By  from 

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