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Reception Wall Letter Designer

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lowercase letters are approx. 2/3 the UPPERCASE size. Learn More
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 Add Mounting Template: Price: $2.99 per character.
Order Summary
Sign letters made to order and take 6 business days to produce. Price includes mounting hardware.

How to Install

sign letter stud mount video

Watch video of how to install sign letters with stud mounting hardware.

Time 2:23 minutes
sign letter brickwall mount video

Watch video of how to install sign letters onto a brick wall.

Time 1:12 minutes
sign letter mounting pattern video

Watch video of how to use a mounting pattern for proper spacing and installation of sign letters.

Time 1:52 minutes
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premium foam letters

Premium foam letters are best suited for indoor applications like hotel lobbies and professional reception areas. Premium foam letters take a little longer to produce but is worth it because the edges of the letters are not cellulose and sponge looking. Premium foam sign letters are manufactured from 13lb polystyrene foam sandwiched between two thin surfaces of wood fiber veneer. The exceptionally hard smooth surfaces of the wood fiber veneer provide durability and rigidity as well as moisture resistance. The premium foam letter's face is uniform and blemish free and resists dents and punctures.

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Product Shipping Policy

Ships UPS Ground to the continental US and normally takes 2-4 business days to arrive. The freight cost is additional and typically adds 10% to the cost of the order plus $5.00 boxing and handling fee. Shipping to AK and HI needs to be quoted and we will email you an invoice for the total cost before the order is processed.

We are not set up for international shipments. We do not ship COD or bill to third parties.

All claims for damage must be made within 3 business days.

Free UPS Ground shipping on continental orders over $100. Simply enter the code freeground during checkout in the coupon code box. One coupon per order.

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Product Return Policy

This is a custom made item so it is non-returnable. However...

To keep our environment green and friendly, the factory will reclaim the material for scrap value. This item is returnable under the following conditions:

  • A Return Authorization Number is placed on the outside of the package.
  • Return to the shipper within 30 days of receipt of the package.
  • We may offer a scrap value refund up to 50% of the returned items.
  • The maximum refund is $500.00.
  • Art charges, crate charges, paint match charges, shipping charges, mounting pattern or miscellaneous charges are non-refundable.

Please call Alphabet Signs at 1-800-582-6366 for Return Authorization Number so we can properly refund your money.

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How to Install

Installation of Building Sign Letters

Christy will take you step-by-step through the process of installing building letters. Thoroughly clean application area of all dirt, tar, and wax. Mark the decal with a ruled line along the top of letters and down its center.

Stud Mount Method

Step 1

how to install building letters step one

Tape one edge of the template to the installation surface and unroll it. Level the template and tape the other edge of the installation surface.

Step 2

how to install building letters step two

Mark holes with center punch, then drill 1/4" holes 3" deep where indicated on your template. Remove the template and clean out all drill holes using any of the following methods: a quick puff of air; using the vents on your drill; compresses air or a turkey baster.

Step 3

how to install building letters step 3

Insert the studs into the stud holes on the back of each letter. Place letters in holes on wall before applying silicone to verify position. Adjust as necessary. Now fill the drill holes in the wall of the first letter with silicone.

Step 4

how to install building letters step 4

Push the tube of silicone over each stud on the first letter in order to evenly coat it with adhesive.

Step 5

how to install building letters step 5

Push the letter into the drill holes using a shim or spacer to assure proper stand off of the letter from the wall. Repeat steps 2 through 4 for the rest of the letters.

Pad Mount Method

Step 1

how to install building letters with pad mounts step one

Clean the installation surface firs. Position the spacing tape on the wall and secure one end with masking tape. Unroll, level and tape the other end. Spacing tapes show the general position of each letter.

Step 2

how to install building letters with pad mounts step two

Apply silicone to all the pads on the letter first. Position the letter on the wall where indicated with the spacing tape. Tape the letter to the wall with several strips of masking tape.

Step 3

how to install building letters with pad mounts step three

Adjust as needed, push letter against wall to ensure good adhesive bond. Continue with the remainder of the letters, and allow the silicone to cure before removing the masking tape. Temperature and humidity will influence silicone cure times. On some conditions letters should cure overnight.

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typography alphabet

The font has been carefully designed to allow a viewer's eye to easily see the shape of each character. Not each character in a font is exactly the same size; otherwise your sign lettering would be difficult to read. We name the font after its uppercase letter 'A' size but most lowercase letters are shorter. Some lowercase letter shapes such as 'b d f h k l' have ascenders which can be taller than the uppercase 'A' height. Some lowercase letters such as 'g j p q y' have descenders which go below the words baseline. Uppercase letters that are rounded such as 'C G J O Q S U' are taller than an uppercase 'A' because the rounded part extends above and below the baseline. Please call us if you need to know the character's actual size and not its named size. Back to Top...