Wood Framed Letter Boards

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Indoor Enclosed Wood Framed Letter Boards

Wood Framed Enclosed Letter Board provides a warm feel compared to the satin aluminum frame. The cabinets are hand crafted from solid oak, given stain with a clear lacquer finish to provide a rich upscale image. Optional logo header available. Featuring a black felt letter board that is protected by a durable, shatter-resistant acrylic window so messages can be seen but not touched. Lockable door protects against vandalism while controlling access to changeable letters.

Wood Framed Letter Boards

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Wood Framed Lighted Letter Boards

Indoor Wood Framed Lighted Enclosed Letter Boards

Wood framed letter board is internally illuminated so your messages can be easily viewed at night or dimly lit environments. Wood-Look finish is a unique powder coating process that combines the warm, rich appearance of natural hardwood with the rugged and enduring qualities of extruded aluminum. Display your important messages or menus for all visitors to notice. The unit uses low voltage LED lights which are widely available and easily replaced. A UL listed fixture illuminates this outdoor lighted enclosed bulletin board from all four sides that is attached to the inside of the case and is covered by framing so it is not exposed to the viewing area. Optional logo header available.

12 Products Found

Wood Framed Lighted Letter Boards

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