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Rolling Swinger Standard Message Board

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Size: 32W x 42H
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Product Description

The ultimate outdoor sign

The Rolling Swinger Standard Message Board is the ultimate outdoor sign that commands attention with its gentle swinging motion. The swinger sidewalk sign has a 24 inch x 36 inch panel that is tracked for seven lines of copy on both sides. The kit includes 314- 4 inch letters, numbers and symbols. It's easy to get your message out on the streets in an instant and changes can be made in just minutes.

The best selling sidewalk sign is now the easiest to use

portable sidewalk sign

A sidewalk sign is all about bringing customers into your store. If the sign is not outside on the sidewalk then it is not working for you. The trick is to make the sign easy for an employee to carry outside. Many sidewalk signs are bulky, hard-to-carry, and especially difficult in bad weather. The worst part is trying to lift the sign and open the door as you pivot out through the doorway.

The best selling sign is now the easiest to use. The rolling sidewalk sign has an easy to grip handle which simply lifts up and locks into place. The sidewalk sign base has 2.5 inch recessed wheels for moving and three no slide feet when standing. The wheels offer unmatched portability, no lifting or carrying -- just lift handle, tip and roll.

The handle has smoothed edges and is ergonomically designed. When not in use, the handle folds down into a recessed area of the base and disappears from sight.

The rolling sign is easier to use so it's more likely to be used - more sales.

There is no lifting. It is clean, dry and easy to use. Even the best dressed employee wouldn't complain about bringing the sign in at the end of the day. The rolling sign is easier to use so it's more likely to be used. More use, more sales.

Stability in rainy or windy conditions

The stand cradles the message board so it rocks gently in a slight breeze and doesn't tip over. Made from steel and rustproof hard plastic, it offers durability and stability in rainy or windy conditions. Its narrow 24" profile easily fits through any doorway. The base has plugs and no slide feet and is designed for winds up to 25 mph. In high wind conditions, you can bring the sign in or add ballast (sand) to its base. This Swinger Sidewalk sign offers versatility, affordability, portability and easy assembly and all with a sleek contemporary design.

Sidewalk sign letter kit included

The 314 piece kit contains 18ea- E, 15ea- A, 12ea- I S, 11ea- period, 9ea- L N O P R T Z, 8ea- star, 6ea- B C D F G H J K M U V W Y 0 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 arrow, 5ea- dash, 4ea- dollar, 3ea- Q X bullet colon, 2ea- ampersand percent cent comma euro. The letters are black and the numbers are red.

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Updated: Apr 19, 2014