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Interlocking Curb Number Stencil 4 inch

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Product Description

Easy to assemble, malleable over uneven pavement surfaces

Stencils are made from 1/16" thick dura-tuff plastic. The dura-tuff is polyethylene designed for rugged, permanent use. The medium grade thickness make the stencil easier to assemble and malleable over uneven surfaces. However, the dura-tuff does not lay as flat against the pavement surface and can cause paint to spray under the stencil. The dura-tuff requires more time to make sure you don't create under spray. Typically used for curb number stencils for painting addresses

Learn how to use interlocking number stencils

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These are the best stencils designed for professional pavement stripers

The 22 piece number stencil kit consists of 2 of each digit 0 - 9 with a 3" wide top and bottom border and two end pieces. The character is 4 inches high and its stroke (where paint hits the pavement) is 5/8" wide. The pieces interlock so no rails are necessary to hold the digits together. The interlocking system allows for prespacing of the numbers. This is a superior system that prevents messy overspray between numbers because the digits overlap at the seams. The width of the character varies but it is an easy to read letter style with a 2:3 width ratio. The monospace letter style is Pavement font which has been designed and field tested by the Federal Highway Administration for maximum legibility.

How to apply paint

Paint can be applied by using spray equipment, brush or roller. You can get spray equipment from Graco Sprayers. Sherwin Williams Dura Clad or Pervo Paint Ultra 9000 offer a conventional dry (non-heated application) water-based paint intended for marking interior and exterior curbing and lanes on driveways, sidewalks, factory floors, parking lots and airport runways. We do not recommend oil based paint. Please consult their paint specialist for you application.

Storage and maintenance

Stencils are made for easy clean up. When paint is dry just bend stencil or hit against hard surface and paint will flake off easily. The stencils are typically shipped rolled and should be layed flat in a warm location over night to get any 'memory' curl out. It is best to store them flat and without any weight on it. There is some UV protection in them but direct sunlight or the back of a pick-up cab would cause them to crack.

Product life

Product life is typically 1-2 years under normal use. This item is Made in America which reduces transportation costs, supply time and its environmental impact.

Updated: Apr 25, 2014