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Mississippi city council and mayor at odds over shopping center sign
Originally Posted: Wednesday, May 18, 2011
By , Staff Writer
A recent city council vote in Mississippi approved a sign which would allow an upscale shopping center to build a sign with letters facing a highway.

The Clarion Ledger reports that the Jackson City Council approved a sign for the Highland Village shopping center facing I-55. However, the approval may not go through because of a planned veto by the city's mayor. The news source reports that Mayor Harvey Johnson has indicated that he would veto the sign proposal because it goes against previously laid-out sign regulations.

The hard-line stance by the mayor has led some, including council president Frank Bluntson, to accuse the city of not being friendly to businesses. The mayor disputes this claim.

"I know we're not business unfriendly," Johnson said in an interview with the news source. "We just have to adhere to the ordinance."

Other communities in Mississippi have been dealing with sign-related issues. The Laurel Leader-Call reports that the city council in Laurel will soon decide whether to grant a sign variance request from a local business.
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